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Popular Types of Assignments for Online Classes

Popular Types of Assignments for Online Classes

During COVID 19 period, many students consider choosing types of online courses rather than face-to-face engagements. However, online students always worry about the online assignments for students they will come across. Those who are used to the face-to-face way of teaching may also be shocked by the most common online course assignments offered. Fortunately, homework services at domyhomework123.com can help you cope with any kind of assignments you ever get.

The following are some of the online assignments for students that instructors give in a virtual class.

  • Research paper assignments

Research paper assignments are the most common college paper assignments online students should expect. Writing for research is a skill that every college student should always possess. Research writing requires you to produce original work free from plagiarism. The originality of work is what the lecturer test in these assignments.

  • Writing journals

One of the online assignments for students is writing journals. Most instructors give online students this kind of assignment to act as private communication between the student and the instructor. These journals allow students to express their ideas, opinions, and thoughts about online course assignments. 

  • Writing for blogs

Blogs are common college paper assignments that instructors give students. Blogs enable students to write about various topics concerning types of online course and tips on how to do my coursework online. This idea of writing blogs is best for online students because they can read and comment about what colleagues have written. Blogs are good for online students who wish to reflect upon their lives.

  • Watch, read, and offer a response

Offering a response to material that you read or watched is one of the common online assignments for students in college. The instructors give you recorded lectures, PowerPoints, and articles to read and watch and then answer some questions at the end. A deadline for the online students; is communicated before all the common college paper assignments are submitted. This type of assignment allows students to read at their speed provided they adhere to the deadlines.

  • Assignments on Wikis

Many students who ask how to do my coursework online should expect to find assignments on wikis. These assignments are for group works. This type of online course requires students to edit and comment on a document shared by the instructor. Then write research questions, start discussions with colleagues and come with a list of tasks.

  • Online exams

Online students should expect online course assignments and exams. The students can access the online exams through the google classroom app. The students are then connected to zoom or google meet and monitored with the use of a webcam. Online students can do multiple-choice questions that are timed and strictly monitored.


Many students are opting for several types of online course. If you are planning to enroll in online course assignments, then expect to do online assignments for students; wikis, writing journals, writing blogs, and even doing online exams via the google classroom app.  There are many other online assignments for students apart from the ones this article has tackled. Students should find out, but first, read the points given in this article to understand what you expect when you enroll in an online class.