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Managing Stress During the Pandemic

Tips for Managing Study Stress

Students, like any other person, experience stress and pressure while in school, especially during the pandemic. However, despite the bad experiences, they have to cope with the situation to ensure they perform better in their studies. This article explains how to control issues related to stress for better productivity while in school.


As a student, ensure that you only focus on a single topic while revising and don’t think about whatever you need to cover outside whatever you are working on. In case you get stuck and cannot move on with the topic, set it aside and get back to it with a fresh mind. You can also ask for assistance from your fellow students or your professor in case you might need it.

Time Management

Ensure that you have a clear path of how you’re going to use the time after doing your exam, including doing activities that will help keep you in a straight line and perspective. You might think about something that you had previously achieved and means quite a lot to you. Thinking about such things will help you understand that an exam is not everything and that you have done your best within your capabilities and that you should not stress about it after you finish it, and that you should not even think about it after writing it.

Avoid interactions before exams

Ensure that you avoid talking to most of the students before you sit for exams because you may find discouraged, and you may get confused when you step in to write your paper. Try sitting somewhere by yourself through everything as you try to retain as much information as you can.

Stay positive

In case you get affected by stress, try looking for ways to balance a positive attitude throughout the day and come up with a positive way to approach your revision. Some of the best ways that you can approach this include;

  • Sleep well because it will help you feel refreshed when you wake up to do your duties or read for the following paper.
  • Ensure that you eat well and eat healthily, as this will give you the right amount of energy that you need for your concentration while in the examination room.
  • Ensure that you always keep fit, and you can do this by doing a few exercises that you can find yourself enjoying. Doing exercises can help you maintain your heart rate also keep the blood flowing in your body, making you feel very ready for anything that comes your way. Even going for a walk every day will make you stronger and happier, but be sure to follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Ensure that you relax before going for your exam. Introduce a daily self-care ritual into your schedule. You can practice meditating or find a spot to sit quietly and think about everything you want to do or achieve. That will help you keep your body in the right mindset, and you’re also feeling very confident and calm about yourself.
  • Give yourself occasional rewards. You can have a treat, going for a walk, buying something that you find amusing, calling a friend, or doing anything that can help you get away from your thoughts for a moment before you come back for your studies or examinations.
  • Take some time away from your books. It will help you refresh your mind and get into perspective, and it will also make you feel confident about yourself.
  • Be contented with all the achievements that you make as you revise. If you have the feeling of having achieved something and you’re happy about it, it will even give you more reason to continue doing the same thing over and over again because you will be feeling proud of yourself. Do not underestimate your capabilities, and always ensure that you steer on finding the right thing you want.